Extensional Damper - TED PAD

Unit Weight
Adhesive Strength
Sheet Size
0.080 in. nominal
0.5 lbs./sq. ft.
6 lbs./in. peel on stainless steel
36" X 40"

Product Description:
TED PAD is a low cost, light weight damping pad with an aggressive self-adhesive surface. When applied to vibrating metal surfaces it can significantly reduce the vibrations and thereby reduce the airborne noise. Reduced vibration can also reduce failure due to structural fatigue.

Ted Pad has been found to have a combined loss factor of 0.13 on 0.050? thick aluminum at 600 Hertz at 60°F.

The pressure sensitive adhesive surface of TED PAD is specifically tailored for industrial use. It is resistant to mild acid and alkali and most common organic solvents especially diesel fuel and gasoline. The adhesive surface should be applied to a clean (free of oil, grease, dust or dirt) surface at a temperature of 60°F to 90°F and pressed firmly in place. Once set, the adhesive will serve at temperatures up to 200°F.

TED PAD can be applied to a wide variety of products to make them more quiet and thereby more acceptable in a noise sensitive world.

Some examples are car doors and other body panels, trucks, buses, tractors, construction equipments, compressors, mining equipments, ducts, bins, hoppers, machine enclosures, guards, hoods, business road cards, appliances, clothes washers, dish washers and other vibrating metal panels.

Noise Barrier #101

Tufcote Noise Barrier #101 is constructed with a protective polyester film facing, barrier layer, a foam decoupling layer and an optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

TNB #101 Series is a composite of a loaded urethane elastomer as the noise barrier, and the decoupler foam serves to isolate the barrier from the surface being treated. The standard product is one pound per square foot elastomer barrier with a 1/4 inch decoupler foam.

These decoupled barrier composites can easily applied to existing engine firewalls, floors, machinery housings, duct linings and enclosures, providing cost effective sound transmission loss.

Recommended Service Temperature is from -30°F to 200°F.

Noise Barrier/Absorber #104-E

Tufcote Noise Barrier/Absorber #104-E consists of a layer of open cell polyurethane foam manufactured to controlled permeability with a film facing chemically bonded during the foaming process and a 1 lb. per square foot loaded urethane barrier, bonded to a 1/4 inch foam decoupler layer and optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Tufcote Noise Barrier/Absorber #104-E are ideal for lining vehicle and boat engine compartments, generator covers, engine firewalls, and machinery and equiment enclosures, where the durable facings provide protection from dirt, oil and grease.

Recommended Service Temperature is from -30°F to 200°F. The upper limit of 200°F is a continuous use temperature. The product is suitable for intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 250°F. At continuous exposure to 250°F the product's effective life span will be shortened.

Acoustical Foam-E

Tufcote Acoustical Foam-E is a continuously cast flexible polyether urethane foam structure specially engineered to achieve optimum acoustical performance. TAF-E products are available with or without a chemically bonded film facings which both protect the acoustical foam from oils, grease, etc., and enhance performance in the lower frequencies. TAF-E products function as absorbers of air-borne sound, and can be combined with noise barriers and vibration dampers.

In the Tufcote casting process, both the film facing and the sensitive adhesive package are chemically bonded. This assures unit integrity and long life as well as uninterrupted acoustical performance.

Tufcote foams meet a variety of stringent flammability specifications. They have a recommended service temperature range of -40F to 225F.