Available in the knitted wire mesh or the vane type design.

Knitted Wire Mesh

Vane Type


  • Improve separation in chemicals, oil and refinery stills.
  • Knock out mist from air and gas scrubbers.
  • Improve efficiency and provide high purity condensate.
  • Essentially eliminate product loss and provide high purity condensate.
  • Remove mist from jet exhaust.
  • Remove condensate and oil from compressed gas.
  • Remove contamination from compressor feed.
  • Remove condensate and solids carryover, give clean dry steam.
  • Knock out the plume from vent stacks.
  • Collect soluble dusts which can then be washed from the separator by a liquid spray.
  • Break certain dispersions and emulsions so that subsequent gravity settling will be effective.
  • As coalescing agents to remove microscopic droplets of one immiscible liquid from